Traders Are Raving About Leading Edge Trading

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I have been in the Silver Room for about 6 months or so. I was actually exposed to Leading Edge Trading a year or so prior to joining as I wasn’t ready to face the truth. That truth being that I was too caught up in my own importance and not ready to be open to what turns out to be The Absolute Best/Only [sensible] way to trade the markets.

Prior to joining, I had been trading the ES for four years or so, after having spent a small fortune in learning from so-called ‘experts’ plus losing another small fortune actually trading what I was taught. Since being with Leading Edge Trading.

Anyone who is serious about becoming a professional trader needs to do themselves a huge favor and listen to what Leading Edge Trading’s Head Trader has to say with an open mind! It’s that simple.

Silver Room Member

I think about what the Head Trader is doing all the time—some of the best money I have ever spent in the trading world.

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I want to say a special thank you for finally turning my trading career around. Finally it is really a thrill to see I can trade for real. All of this couldn’t have happened without your teaching and setting a realistic mindset.

Now finally I am putting trades based on posts and thinking in a purely ‘if… then … else’ scenario. Now I am not afraid to trade through reports and I just know what to do next based on your laid out scenarios. I understand your posts and I am not allowed to do anything other than what was said in the posts.

I’m looking forward to take my profession to next level with you. Thank you.

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I am definitely getting this now. Even when I have not been in sync with the market, it never takes more than a trade or so to ‘get-it.’

I can’t wait to live trade, but in a way not live trading has helped me not get carried away. This time has been priceless as it has helped to build my trust in your posts and give me the time to accept that my ego was holding me back.

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First off, I must thank you for all that you have done and continue to do through Leading Edge. Your commitment to your cause and the day in day out consistency in which you do it is simply amazing. I am extremely grateful to have found your service and for the ability to be able to take part in your Silver room.

Since joining the room, I have worked hard to ‘get over myself’ and to learn as much as I possibly can from the day to day posts and your weekly webinars. As you say, slow and steady wins the race and I am making good progress and plan on building on that in the weeks and months moving forward!

I am extremely thankful for all that you do and the direct professional manner in which you do it. I have no doubt that you will continue to keep up the excellent work and I promise I will continue to ‘do my job’ and be a sponge and soak up everything I can between now and the next available training.

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