Get Trained to Understand How the Market Works and Where It’s Going Ahead of Time

If you have been in our Silver Room for some time, you may have the desire to know where the information is coming from and how the Head Trader knows where the market is going ahead of time.

For traders who qualify, Leading Edge Trading offers three training options.

Exclusive Training Options Advanced Traders May Qualify For:

The Gold Room

The Gold room is a private room for advanced members to learn how we arrive at the direction and targets of our posts.

The Platinum Room

The Platinum room is a private room for advanced members to learn where all the targets, direction and timing of our posts originate, as well as all of the markets we trade and trading greater size at the highest level of professional trading.

The VIP Room

The VIP room is reserved for proprietary trading groups, as well as professional traders and hedge fund traders.

What Traders Are Saying

I have been in the Silver Room for about 6 months or so. I was actually exposed to Leading Edge Trading a year or so prior to joining as I wasn’t ready to face the truth. That truth being that I was too caught up in my own importance and not ready to be open to what turns out to be The Absolute Best/Only [sensible] way to trade the markets.
Prior to joining, I had been trading the ES for four years or so, after having spent a small fortune in learning from so-called ‘experts’ plus losing another small fortune actually trading what I was taught. Since being with Leading Edge Trading.

Anyone who is serious about becoming a professional trader needs to do themselves a huge favor and listen to what Leading Edge Trading’s Head Trader has to say with an open mind! It’s that simple.

Silver Room Member

I want to say a special thank you for finally turning my trading career around. Finally it is really a thrill to see I can trade for real. All of this couldn’t have happened without your teaching and setting a realistic mindset.

Now finally I am putting trades based on posts and thinking in a purely ‘if… then … else’ scenario. Now I am not afraid to trade through reports and I just know what to do next based on your laid out scenarios. I understand your posts and I am not allowed to do anything other than what was said in the posts.

I’m looking forward to take my profession to next level with you. Thank you.

-Silver Room Member